Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Placing A Sofa [Video]

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Placing A Sofa [Video]

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One of the most important pieces of furniture in the living room of your house is the sofa set or the couch. You welcome your friends, family and other guests and entertain them in your living room. Those you welcome and offer the sofa to sit and make them feel comfortable in your house are also the ones you trust. Your trust on some of them is absolute and nothing can break your trust on them. But there are times when you are unaware of the conspiracies going on behind your back, without your knowledge to destroy, cause harm to you, your family, business, or professional life.

According Vastu, the back of a couch or sofa facing the front door would unleash a slew of conspiracies against you. There a number of people or agencies who would begin conspiring against you. These could be your enemies, your government; even any anonymous call can also be the reason or part of a conspiracy against you.

In the latest video in Home Sutra series watch Vastu expert Acharya P Khurrana how to place your sofa and prevent any conspiracy that could hamper your well-being.

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