Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Placement Of Mirrors

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Placement Of Mirrors

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Mirrors, according to Vastu, are a significant element in a home which possess the power to attract wealth and happiness. However, if misused or broken, mirrors can lead to misfortune or stagnation of energies.

According to Vastu experts, a shining mirror placed near the dining table doubles the food and abundance in the family, while it increases the wealth when placed near a locker.

Here are some Vastu tips to position mirrors in your home:

*Mirrors reflecting sunlight, a bed or main door attract negative energies. Hence, they should be carefully placed.

*Discard broken, rusted or unused mirrors in the house. These can be a source of hindrance for the overall positive environment.

*It is believed that using large mirrors in the dressing table and looking at oneself in it early in the morning increases positivity and is regarded auspicious.

*However, care should be taken while placing the dressing table in the bedroom. The mirror should never reflect the person on the bed that can lead to health issues.

*Never hang mirrors on the ceilings or the south walls as it can bring negative energies.

*Window panes and doors made of glass also act as mirrors. Cover them with curtains to avoid any ill effects.

*Mirrors should not be positioned opposite to one another which can cause restlessness, impatience or anger.

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