Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Placement Of Doormats

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Placement Of Doormats

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Doormats are an integral part of the main entrance and should exude warm vibrations to the guests, says Vastu. Since the main door creates the first impression, Vastu experts suggest it is important to follow certain basic rules while laying out the perfect doormat.


Vastu-compliant main doors are constructed in the east, the north, the northeast or the west direction. A green or earthy-coloured doormat is well-suited for a main door, facing the east. Doormats of darker hues of blue should be placed near doors in the north direction. For a west-facing house, use light hues such as white or light brown for doormats.

Keep in mind

*Replace doormats which are soiled or worn out as they tend to spread negative energies. 

*Cracks on the floor reflect Vastu defects, and should be repaired immediately. If possible, they should be covered with mats or carpets.

*Since floormats are a part of floor designs, care should be taken while selecting the patterns. Avoid triangular patterns and opt for standard shapes instead.

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