Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Open Spaces

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Open Spaces

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Open spaces are a key requirement for homebuyers today. Leaving open spaces is essential to provide the house a spacious and airy appeal. Vastu experts emphasise on understanding the directional strengths while constructing residential or commercial properties. This means that there are guidelines prescribed not only for occupied spaces but also for open spaces. In fact, open spaces balance the overall energies of the plot or property and should be incorporated in Vastu recommended directions only.

Ideal directions

Open spaces can be created in the north and the north-east directions which ensures wealth and prosperity in the household. The southeast or the south direction must not be left empty. Similarly, leaving the southwest corner of the room unoccupied can lead to health issues for the women members of a family. The southwest corner is also known to be the most powerful and stable direction. So, leaving the corner empty can impact relationships.

 Dos and don'ts

  • Place paintings or light fixtures on the walls to eliminate the negative effects of an unoccupied corner.
  • Open spaces should be provided in the north-east direction which attracts wealth and abundance in the house.
  • Do not leave open space in the south or the southeast direction in the house. Lack of open spaces in the southeast corner attracts negative energy and can lead to loss of wealth.
  • Creating more open spaces in the north corner than the north-eastern corner is regarded to attract fame and fortune.

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