Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Main Entrance

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Main Entrance

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The front door of your home is the defining point which demarcates the home exterior from the interiors. An appealing entryway will not only make your guests amazed but also bring positive energies inside the house. In ancient times, a threshold or a raised platform near the entrance in residential structures was a noticeable feature. It had numerous advantages as it not only restricted the entry of unwanted pests or insects but also blocked harmful energies. Symbolically, the presence of an elevated threshold signifies restraint and discipline in one's life. Unfortunately, apartment nowadays do not have a raised entry which can be called a Vastu defect. Experts suggest simple remedies which can be easily applied to obtain the benefits of a threshold or a doorsill.


Main door in the north or the east is regarded auspicious. Create a doorsill if not there already. This completes the door frame forming a rectangle which has a great significance in Vastu.

Keep in mind

  • The absence of a threshold in the house may result in loss of money from the household. So, a threshold on the main door should be created preferably of wooden material which helps in retention of magnetic energy within the house. The platform must have a height of at least two inches.
  • Avoid using materials such as granite, plastic or marble for making a threshold.
  • Placing the footprints of goddess Lakshmi on both sides of the threshold is considered auspicious.
  • Ensure the door opens completely and does not make any cracking sound as it can limit opportunities flowing into the house.

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