Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Placement Of Buddha Idol

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Placement Of Buddha Idol

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Idols of Lord Buddha are one of the most sought-after home dcor accessories. These idols are known to add positivity to a living space. Lord Buddha, the prince who left worldly pleasures for spiritual pursuits is often seen in a relaxed and meditative posture. However, the laughing Buddha, depicted as a monk with a large belly, is also a form of Buddha which is popularly known for bringing good luck and wealth.

It goes without saying that having figurines of Lord Buddha in the house will attract soothing energies and reduces stress levels. The serenity exuded by the idol, especially a laughing Buddha, has the power to turn around any unfavourable situation. Vastu Shastra suggests ways in which you can bring positivity into your dwelling. Read on to know more:

Directions to keep idol of Buddha

Ideally, the northeast corner or Ishanya is the best place to keep a Buddha statue. It is regarded auspicious and brings peace and serenity to the house.

Keep in mind

*Lord Buddha's idol can also be placed outdoors. Remember to keep it above some flowering plants. The northeast corner is compatible with the water element. So, you can combine the statue with a fountain.

*Laughing Buddha should be placed on the right or the left-hand side of the living room.

*Figurine of a laughing Buddha should not be placed in the bedroom.

*A Buddha statue facing the main entrance is considered to keep away the negative energies.

*Ensure you keep the Buddha statue on a raised platform and clean it regularly.

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