Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For House Keys

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For House Keys

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We need them to safeguard our homes, closet and vehicles. This is where locks and keys come into picture.  Over the years, we often accumulate a heavy bunch of keys in our homes which have now used their utility. Do note that Vastu warns against having metal clutter in the house as it can bring negative vibrations.

Here are some useful Vastu tips to keep house keys at home:

  • Key stand should be kept in a secured place, preferably in the master bedroom. It should be placed in the north or the east corner of the room.
  • Always place keys in a proper key stand or key holder. It should not be casually left on the dining table, chair or kids room as it can attract negative energy.
  • Unwanted keys are regarded as metal clutter. This could can lead to loss of money in the household.
  • To balance the energies of metallic keys, using wooden key-chains are recommended.
  • Rusted or broken locks and keys should not be kept in the house and must be discarded immediately.

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