Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Home Renovation

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Home Renovation

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Following Vastu guidelines when renovating your home, according to experts in the field, ensures harmony and peace for the dwellers along with giving the space a new and vibrant look. When renovating, also ensure that Vastu defects of the existing structure, such as incorrect placement of the kitchen or staircase, are eliminated by applying certain remedies recommended by Vastu experts.

Here are some Vastu rules you could put to use when renovating your home:

*Use natural elements such as wood for flooring. Similarly, for home décor items and upholstery, opt for natural materials.

*Add green plants and candles for positive energies.

*Use Swastik Yantra or pyramids for enhancing energies.

*Get rid of clutter, sharp corners and broken furniture.

*High-voltage overhead wires passing above a building can be a source of negative energies. As a remedy, fill a plastic pipe with lime and install it from one corner to the other of the affected area. This plastic pipe should ideally cover three feet additional area.

*Install statues of Ganesha or Buddha. These are known to bring peace and harmony.

*Make sure that the house is scanned by someone who has a profound knowledge of layouts.

*Make sure that the pit is positioned towards the north-east direction.

*Construct windows in the southern, the south-western or the western directions.

*Ensure that the four sides of the house must have open spaces.

*Plant lighter plants towards the northern, the eastern and the north-east corners of the home.

*Do not keep any kind of contemporary abstract art at the centre of the home. 

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