Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Hanging New Year's Calendar [Video]

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Hanging New Year's Calendar [Video]

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Most of us have the habit of using calendars- be it a tabletop or a wall mounted one. Calendars are a useful tool to mark out important dates for events. Every year we replace the old calendars with new ones. Calendar designs too have come a long way. From traditional ones with gods' or goddesses' pictures to customised calendars with pictures of our choice for the year. While it is a pretty handy organiser, the wall mounted calendar also holds a special position in Vastu Shastra.  The humble calendar can in fact, adversely or positively affect our life's goals and longevity.  

According to Vastu, a calendar should always be mounted behind a door- out of plain sight. Vastu also suggests that the calendar should not be visible to others (guests or friends) as it has a negative effect. Watch this episode of Home Sutra with renowned astrologer and Vastu expert P Khurrana, to know more about the importance of calendars and how to use them at home or in our offices. 

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