Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Good Health

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Good Health

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A common phrase, “Health is wealth”, is what we all long for. A healthy mind and body is a prerequisite to lead a successful and prosperous life. If any of the family members in your home are constantly falling ill, it could be due to a Vastu Dosha in the property.

Follow these Vastu tips to ensure good health of the family members.

*Avoid sitting or sleeping under an exposed beam.

*Do not keep medicines in the kitchen of the house.

*When having your meals, face the north or the east direction.

*Sleep with head towards the south or the east direction.

*Avoid positioning kitchen in the northeast direction.

*Do not place anything made of iron underneath your bed.

*Do not keep the mirrors exposed, cover them with a cloth.

*Do not construct a kitchen or a toilet in the space underneath the staircase.

*Avoid positioning boring, generator, inverter, staircase and toilet in the center of the home. 

*Light a candle in the fire zone i.e. the southeast direction.

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