Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Glass Doors

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Glass Doors

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Glass doors are the new trend in homes. A luxe addition to home decor, these doors come in various designs and with a variety of functional advantages. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, glass doors maximise natural lighting in the house and allow better views of the outside. Glass doors are perfect for bathroom showers, and also as a section break between living space and patio or a home office space.

However, according to the ancient science of architecture Vastu, glass doors, particularly those placed at the house entrance, is not a recommended feature. Though pleasing to the eye, a glass door does not prove to be a strong barrier in blocking negative energies. The entrance of the house, where all energies accumulate, it is important that the door here should be made of wood. In case you wish to add a glass door at the entryway, make sure you adhere to the following Vastu tips:

Remedies for glass door defects

*Glass doors should not be positioned at the centre of the wall.

*If possible, install wooden frames over the glass doors. According to Vastu, wood can absorb negative energies.

*Sliding glass doors attract a lot of negative vibrations. These should always be covered with curtains.

*Wherever there is a glass door, ensure you paint the opposite wall in vibrant colours. Do not place any mirror facing a glass door.

*Placing a sturdy earthen statue or a wooden showpiece near the entrance is also a good idea.

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