Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Gas Stove

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Gas Stove

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The kitchen is an integral part of a home, and incorporating Vastu principles while building this area is essential for the overall prosperity of the household. According to Vastu, care must be taken in the placement of various equipment in this territory. For instance, how the gas stove is placed in your kitchen has an impact on the health and finances of your family members, believe Vastu experts.

Here is more. 

*The cooking gas should be kept in the southeast direction.

*Ensure that the person who cooks faces the east direction. This is an essential element which governs the health of the kitchen and the members of the family. 

*Avoid the northeast part of a kitchen for the placement of a stove. This direction is a constant source of morning sunlight and is suitable for a meditation room and a living hall.

*Avoid facing the south direction when cooking as it could lead to financial problems.

*Ensure that there is no closet or shelve right above the gas stove.

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