Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Garage

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Garage

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In times when parking space is a crunch that all of us face in the Indian urban cities, people are now opting to construct a garage for their cars in homes they are building on their own. Just like every other area or room of your home is recommended to be guided by the principles of Vastu when construction, the same applies to a garage, too. According to Vastu experts, a vehicle must be properly housed for its improved efficiency, low maintenance and long life and a Vastu-compliant garage can help achieve the same.

Here are some useful Vastu tips you could adopt for designing a garage in your house:

*Construct a garage in the northwest direction of the house with its entrance in the north or the east direction.

*Park the vehicle such that it faces the north or the east direction.

*The floor of the garage must slope towards the east or the north direction.

*The roof should slope from the south to the north or the west to the east.

*Choose a light-coloured paint for your garage such as white, cream, yellow, etc.

*The height of the garage gate should be lower than that of the main gate of your house.

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