Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Removing Flooring Defects

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Removing Flooring Defects

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It is important to keep the flooring of the house in good condition to ensure harmonised flow of energies. A defect in the flooring of your house can be inauspicious for the occupants. It can hamper growth, peace and prosperity for the household. According to Vastu experts, one should use natural materials for the flooring. They also recommend beginning the floor construction from the south or the southwest direction to avoid any disharmony.

Here are some Vastu tips you could follow to correct flooring defects in your home:

*Black and white flooring are suitable for the north and the west directions, respectively and place a Shri Yantra.

*Cracked floors, especially ones near the house entrance, should be repaired immediately.

*Fill the cracks with suitable concrete filler materials. You can also cover the flooring defects with carpets or mats but avoid wall to wall carpeting.

*During construction, ensure the flooring works starts from the south or the southwest direction.

*Install copper pyramids or Vastu energiser beneath the flooring. This removes any possible Vastu defect.

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