Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Elevators

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Elevators

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Elevators are a common amenity in housing societies, providing easy access to the upper floors. While design and safety are important when installing a lift, it is also important to install them at the right location based on the principles of Vastu Shastra. The pits, mandatory when installing lifts, should also be created based on the Vastu-prescribed directions. Incorrect placement of lifts can lead to accidents, injuries or financial losses.

Here are some Vastu tips for designing lifts in your building:  

*The east and the north directions are ideal for lifts of light capacity.

*Do not construct a lift in the corner of the plot, the Brahmasthan (centre of the property) or in the northeast direction.

*Avoid installing a lift in the south, the west or the southwest directions. This should particularly be avoided if the installation requires the construction of a pit or a sump, as areas in these directions should not be deeper.

*Lifts and elevators should not vibrate. It can send negative energies around.

*Avoid positioning lifts or elevators in front of the main door of a house.

*Do not place mirrors inside the lifts.

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