Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Choosing The Right Plot Shape [Video]

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Choosing The Right Plot Shape [Video]

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The shape of a residential plot can determine whether or not good fortune would come your way. Hence, choosing the right shape becomes imperative or else one could face financial problems. According to Vastu, plots that are round, oval and triangular must be avoided whereas a square plot is perfect. While the equal length and width prove to be good as a construction site, it also is recommended for the overall growth and prosperity. This also includes the plot to be Gou-mukhi plot is perfect for residential purposes.

You could, according to Vastu, pick a plot that has length and width in a 1:2 ratio. It is even better if the length faces north and width faces west. Such plots bring good health, wealth and prosperity.

According to Astrologer & Vastu Expert P Khurrana, one should also avoid plots that have more than four sides as these shapes could invite the possibility of living in fire.

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