Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Choosing Plot Shape

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Choosing Plot Shape

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The shape of the plot is as important as selecting the right location for a house, Vastu experts believe. According to Vastu, the ancient science of architecture, irregular plots should be avoided for both residential and commercial purposes. 

Here are some Vastu tips for plot shapes:

*One of the most auspicious shapes of a plot is a Gaumukhi or cow-faced. Such plots are narrower in the front and wider in the rear. These are believed to be auspicious for constructing a home, if there are roads on the south and the west side of the plot. However, extensions on such a plot should be made in Vastu-friendly directions only.

*A Shermukhi or a lion-faced plot is broader at the front portion and narrower at the back. These are suitable only commercial purposes, provided there are roads passing on the eastern and the northern side of the plot. 

*Always select square- or rectangular-shaped plots for construction of houses. These are known to balance the forces of elements and invite overall prosperity for the occupants.

*Avoid plot shapes which are round, oval, triangular or L-shaped because these cause uneven distribution of energies that can have adverse effects.

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