Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Car Parking Area

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Car Parking Area

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Make no mistake. It is not only the life of your house that would gain longevity if you followed the Vastu rules. It has an impact on the life of you automobile, too, say experts. How so? A parking area constructed following the rules laid by Vastu is good for the long life of the vehicles, experts believe. Any violation of rules would amount to an unnecessary increase in expenses.

Some Vastu tips for your car parking area are listed below:

  • Administrative officers must park their vehicles facing the east.
  • People engaged in businesses must park their vehicles in the north-facing direction.
  • Construct the porch in the east or the north direction.
  • Pick white, yellow or other light colors to paint the porch.
  • Go for a basement parking positioned in the north or the east direction.
  • Ensure that the parking area does not touch the compound wall.
  • Make sure that the gate of the parking area is in the north or east direction.

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