Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Beams & Columns

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For Beams & Columns

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Columns and beams have been the key structural support of every home since ages. While beams are the horizontal component, columns are the vertical ones and they together share the load of the slab, providing the building a strong foundation. These architectural elements sometimes serve as a décor feature, too, enhancing the beauty of a home. They even play a vital role for the right Vastu of the home. The protruding section of beam and columns can disrupt the flow of energies that can have adverse effects. It is, therefore, advised to comply with these Vastu guidelines for constructing beams and columns in homes:

Tips for under-construction property

*Make sure that the number of columns and beams in your home is even. *Do not leave them exposed as these may create an obstacle in the smooth flow of energy waves. It can also result in depression and disputes in the family.

Tips constructed property

*An easy way to block the view of exposed beams is to cover them with a false ceiling.

*Remove furniture such as the bed, the locker, the dining table, chairs, the couch or the work table if they are placed directly under an overhead beam.

*Beams and columns should not have any sharp edges. Round off the edges to eliminate the negative effects.

*You can install lighting fixtures or a chandelier on the sides of a beam for positive effects. Another interesting way to attract positivity is by hanging two flutes wrapped in red cloth on the beams.

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