Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For A Successful Career

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For A Successful Career

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We all choose a career path based on our skills and aim to gain success overtime. Apart from the hardwork, luck plays an important role in how your career and financial stability is shaped. Ever faced a situation where you have been putting in a lot of hardwork, but have not witnessed growth in your career? It can be due to a Vastu Dosha in your home.

Here are some Vastu tips that could help you build a successful career path and grow:

  • Do not have a master bedroom and home office adjacent to each other.
  • Do not sit under a beam when working.
  • Do not sit with your back exposed to the entrance.
  • Do not sit in a cross-legged position when working.
  • Avoid placing images of water bodies on the wall behind you.
  • Keep quartz crystals in your office.
  • Opt for high-back chairs.
  • When choosing an office table, opt for regular rectangle, round or square.

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