Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For A House Plan

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For A House Plan

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A customised layout is important if you are going for house construction. A house plan ensures that your property does not have any structural or design flaws. However, there are certain Vastu principles that one must follow to keep negative energies at bay. Take note:

*The rooms should be square or rectangular in shape. In case of a rectangular design, make sure the ratio of the length and breadth is not more than 1:2.

*House plans that are circular, L, T or H in shape could be prone to losses.

*Rooms that are in the southwest direction in the house plan should be constructed first.

*The doors of the house must open completely or up to 90 degrees angle. Any physical obstruction that blocks the opening of doors completely will reduce the entry of good luck and positive energies.  

*When designing a house plan, make sure that the house adjacent is not be divided by a common wall.

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