Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For A Basement Apartment

Home Sutra: Vastu Tips For A Basement Apartment

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Homes being constructed nowadays have a basement, used generally for parking or other storage purposes. However, some of the property owners use or lend out this space for dwelling purposes, too. While basement spaces in India, for residential purposes, has been restricted by the government, living in the lower-ground floor is not uncommon.

However, living in such a accommodation, you need to ensure that the property is constructed adhering to the building regulations as well as Vastu principles for a comfortable living experience. Generally, basements lack natural light and adequate ventilation besides many other defects, which is why Vastu experts do not recommend living in a basement. However, if one is staying in a basement apartment, following these Vastu tips can be helpful:

Things to keep in mind

*A basement apartment should be constructed in the north and the east direction while the south and the west area should be left open.

*A Rectangular or a square-shaped basement apartment is considered to be auspicious.

*A Basement apartment is suitable for people with birth dates adding to four or eight.

*Ensure that the stairs to the basement are odd in number. In case of even number of stairs, place a piece of silver or a small silver string at the end of the stairs.

*The northeast corner of the basement apartment should not be loaded while the northwest portion should be lighter than the southeast corner.

*Ensure all the rooms in a basement apartment are well-lit. If possible, make arrangement for adequate sunlight.

*Avoid keeping heavy electrical and metallic items in the basement.

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