Home Sutra: Vastu And East Direction

Home Sutra: Vastu And East Direction

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The east direction, owned by Lord Indra, is the direction of Surya or Sun. The sun supports life and growth and, so, this direction is for those looking for success in their career and over all life goals.

Here are some Vastu tips that will help you utilise this direction to its potential: 

  • Make sure that this direction in your home is well-lit and clean.
  • Always ensure that the east direction of your home is ventilated and does not have any elevation.
  • This direction is well-suited to position puja room, study room and conference room in this direction.
  • Hang pictures of deities on the eastern walls of the house.
  • Avoid constructing a bathroom, store or a staircase in the east direction.
  • The curtains on the windows must be light in both fabric and colour.
  • Paint the eastern walls with light pastel shades in leaf green.

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