Home Sutra: Vastu Remedies For Kitchen Defects

Home Sutra: Vastu Remedies For Kitchen Defects

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Property developers today are focusing on creating apartments which are compliant with Vastu principles. However, urban living is highly influenced by many factors, beyond our control. This is particularly true in cases of open-floor plans where the kitchen is attached to the living room. As far as Vastu goes, this is a defect. There are other similar Vastu defects of incorrect placement of the Kitchen. Experts of Vastu recommend making small changes to the space for eliminating the negative effects of a bad design.

Here's a quick guide on remedies you can adopt to make your kitchen Vastu compliant:

The remedies

One easy way to rectify all kitchen Vastu defects is by lighting an oil lamp or diya and placing it near the cooktop. Ensure the cooking stove is always placed in the south-east corner as that is the direction of fire element or aagneya kon which is compatible with kitchen placement.

Defect: A kitchen that faces the main entrance or bathroom door

Remedy: Hang a 50-mm crystal on the ceiling of the kitchen.

Defect: A kitchen built in the northeast corner

Remedy: Paint the kitchen walls in lemon yellow shades to remove effects of bad Vastu, especially for kitchen built in the northeast corner.

Defect: An open kitchen attached to the living room

Remedy: Paint a wall in red colour and hand a mirror that reflects your guests as well as your stove.

Defect: A kitchen built in the southwest direction

Remedy: The defect can lead to loss of finances or anxiety. Place an image of goddess Annapurna in the north-east corner of the kitchen.

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