Home Sutra: Vastu Remedies For Defects In Doors

Home Sutra: Vastu Remedies For Defects In Doors

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Doors, an essential part of a structure, provide privacy and security to our homes. A structural defect in them or lack of maintenance can lead to problems such as cracks, faulty handles, hinges or locks as well as moisture penetration and swelling. This makes their functioning improper.

Such defects in doors should not be ignored, especially from a Vastu's perspective. According to Vastu, since doors are instrumental in blocking unwanted energies, their incorrect positioning can bring serious Vastu Dosha. This can hamper the balance and harmony in the house.

MakaaniQ brings some useful Vastu tips you could apply for defects in doors:

Direction for doors

Doors facing the east direction are regarded as auspicious. They should open inside so that energy remains inside. Construction of a southwest-facing door should be avoided as it can cause struggles and misfortunes in life. It also leads to health issues in the family.

Remedies for Vastu defects in doors

*To remove the Vastu Dosha of a southwest-facing door, place a Panchmukhi Hanuman on the top, left and right-hand side of the door. You can also put any religious symbol such as Om or a Swastik.

*Doors with cracks or creaky noise is a major Vastu Dosha. Replace them immediately.

*In modern apartments, we often see two or more doors aligned in a row. This is inauspicious according to Vastu as good energies are more likely to directly flow out of the house and be a reason for financial instability. Blocking a direct view of the other doorways can be an easy solution. Install large curtains on every door to achieve the same.

*Doors opening anticlockwise is a major Vastu defect. Place three copper pyramid clockwise arrow at the entrance to rectify the defect.

*Main entrance doors of two houses should not face each other. Swastik drawn with sacred Sindur on the main door removes Vastu Dosha from the house.

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