Home Sutra: Vastu Remedies For Cut In Southeast Direction

Home Sutra: Vastu Remedies For Cut In Southeast Direction

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Southeast or Aagneya Kon is represented by Shukra or the Venus. This is the area where Vastu experts advise placement of all fire-related and electrical devices. According to Vastu principles, the presence of any water elements is a defect. Similarly, a cut in the southeast section of the house is another major Vastu defect, which can result in financial crisis and relationship problems between a couple. The defect can also be a cause of anger as well as health problems for the women of the family.

To curtail the impact of this Vastu defect, follow the below-listed solutions:

*Place Vastu pyramids in all the four directions of the house. Ideally, the southeast corner is ideal for the kitchen. Arrange the pyramids near the main door if it is in the southeast corner.

*Opt for dark red or brown colours in the corner to control the negative effects.

*Worship Lord Hanuman and place an image of the deity on the walls outside the main door of the house.

*Install a Siddha Shukra Yantra in the cut on the southeast corner which will remove the Vastu defect.

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