Home Sutra: How To Make The Most of Northeast Direction?

Home Sutra: How To Make The Most of Northeast Direction?

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The northeast corner, which is known as Ishanya in Vastu, is the place from where divine energies emerge. While an extension of this section in a plot is beneficial, any cut in the northeast corner of a plot is a serious Vastu defect, and can impact the health and wellbeing of residents. It may lead to genetic problems or physical deformity, affecting the growth of children in the family. Financial problems and losses are also known to occur for the occupants. This is why rectifying this Vastu defect is of utmost importance.

Here is a quick guide for removing the defects caused by a cut in the northeast direction of a house:

  • Place a large mirror in the affected zone so that the reflection creates a virtual extension of the northeast corner.
  • You can hang a set of eight crystals or Vastu pyramids on the existing walls in the northeast section. This will eliminate the negative vibration emanating from the cut section.
  • Placing the sacred Tulsi plant in the northeast direction removes all negative effects. Maintain the plant regularly.
  • Worship planet Jupiter that represents the northeast direction. You could also engage in charity to better your prospects.

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