Home Sutra: Vastu & Power Outlets

Home Sutra: Vastu & Power Outlets

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It is important to follow Vastu guidelines to create a home that radiates positive energy. Vastu not only lays down principles relating to the construction of the house in a right direction but also talks about the placement of things.

Some tips for placing power outlets in a house go as follows:

*Place the electric meter, generators and inverters in the south-east direction or the north-west corner of the home.

*Fix the switchboard on the right side of the entrance door.

*Regularly repair the worn-out electric fittings and fixtures.

*Place geyser and other electrical appliances such as heater and switchboard in the southeast corner of the bathroom.

*Place the landline telephone in the east, the north or the southeast directions.

*Place coolers and air-conditioners in the west or the north direction of a room.

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