Home Sutra: Vastu For Penthouses

Home Sutra: Vastu For Penthouses

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Highly preferred by those looking for luxury, penthouses are top-floor residences which offer spacious living spaces. Spread over entire floors, penthouses have stunning features and offer complete privacy to the owner.  Vastu experts advise that the basic principles of this ancient science of architecture should be followed while constructing residential spaces of any form, including penthouse. Since these high-end properties have the same elements found in other residential structures, some basic Vastu rules can be easily applied.

So, if you are planning to build or buy a penthouse, keep in mind the following guidelines to invite harmony and positivity in the house.


The west and the south direction are favourable for construction of a penthouse on the top floor. Do not construct the residence in the north or the east direction.

Keep in mind

  • Ensure that the basic rules of Vastu are adhered to while designing these spaces.
  • Ample open space should be left in the north and the east corner of the top floor.
  • Ensure the structure is taller on the west and the south side.
  • Building a garden or arranging plants in the northeast corner enhances positive vibrations.

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