Home Sutra: Vastu And Buckets

Home Sutra: Vastu And Buckets

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It is important to keep your bathroom clean and clutter free. If the bathroom is not well organised, it can send out negative energies and cause health issues among the residents, according to Vastu. Vastu says that every household item can impact our lives in a positive way if placed in a Vastu-friendly manner.

Here are quick Vastu tips to place the bucket in the bathroom:

  • Keep the buckets in light colours. Choose the colour blue as it is believed to bring happiness and good luck.
  • Using broken or leaking buckets in the bathroom can affect relationships with neighbours. Replace them immediately.
  • Do not keep the buckets empty during the night. Keep it filled for overall growth of the family.
  • Ensure all buckets are filled with clean water as it will ensure harmony in the family.

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