Home Sutra: Vastu And Art Work

Home Sutra: Vastu And Art Work

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A wall space decorated with personalised pictures or paintings can give much-needed appeal to a living space. Pictures and paintings significantly impact our life, says Vastu. Your choice of paintings has a huge impact on various spheres of your life such as finance, relationships or health. Their placement in the right direction is also important to ensure happiness and prosperity in the household. When selecting paintings for your home, you must keep in mind that they should create a pleasant ambience in the house.

Here are some tips you can follow for paintings:

  • Walls in the north, the north-east and the east are best for hanging paintings.
  • Always choose paintings that evoke positive emotions and fulfilment. For instance, hanging painting of running horses removes financial problems or an image of laughing Buddha brings peace.
  • Choose paintings with vibrant colours such as lush green or sky blue for the living room. This could include paintings of scenery, flowers, mountains and waterfalls.
  • Pictures may also include your certificates and university degrees which should be hung on the south or the west wall of the living room.
  • Pictures of fruits or scrumptious dishes can be kept in the dining room.
  • Do not place pictures with water element in the bedroom. Instead, you can place images of romantic couples or lovebirds.
  • Avoid placing abstract paintings or ones which depict negative aspects of life such as anger, violence, sadness, etc. Never place paintings of violent animals, sinking ship or war paintings.

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