Home Sutra: Try Crystals For A Better Health

Home Sutra: Try Crystals For A Better Health

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Among the many elements that could bring positive energy inside of your house are crystals. Available in a wide range – these include aquamarine, amethyst, coral, gold tiger eye, citrine, red jasper, clear quartz, malachite, hematite, rose quartz, etc. — crystals represent the energy of the earth element. Vastu experts are of the view that crystals implement positive corrections in your surroundings and have a healing effect. These are used as items of home décor, with an aim to have a calming effect on the resident's mental and physical health.

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Be mindful of the fact that different crystals have different properties. For instance, white quartz crystal is used to improve the level of creativity while purple amethyst is used to boost romance in life. However, to get the desired effect it becomes very important to know the direction in which crystal items should be placed. For instance, to get raises and promotions in your job, place a clear quartz pyramid in the south direction of the home.

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