Home Sutra: Tips For Keeping Silver At Home

Home Sutra: Tips For Keeping Silver At Home

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According to Vastu Shastra and Vedic Astrology, silver is related to planets Moon and Jupiter. Wearing ornaments made of silver has many health benefits. It is said that this precious and noble metal helps remove toxins from our bodies while also balancing the water and Kapha ratio.

Vastu experts always recommend using silver items to cure several Vastu related doshas. A touch of glitter added to your home décor in the form of silver decorative accessories will not only give a rich look to your abode but also attract abundance, good luck, peace and harmony in your lives.

Read below to know more about Vastu tips for keeping silver at home:

Direction to keep silver at home

Silver valuables should be placed in the western or southern portion of a locker which is designed in the north corner of the house.

Keep in mind

  • Hang silver strings on the main door of your house to remove Vastu Dosha. Alternatively, you can fix silver nails on walls to achieve the same benefit.
  • It is considered auspicious to wear silver ornaments or keeping silver utensils in the house.
  • Place a pair of silver-metal fish in a silver bowl filled with water for attracting good luck.
  • Keeping silver coins under the pillow can rectify the bad luck caused by planetary effects of Mercury or Mars.
  • You can also keep silver coins in your wallet which ensures prosperity and financial gains.

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