Home Sutra: This Is The Right Size Of Sofa For You [Video]

Home Sutra: This Is The Right Size Of Sofa For You [Video]

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Furniture arrangement is an integral part of home décor. In our modern homes we prefer to keep furniture while stylish, is also high on comfort and utility. Many prefer small-sized furniture as it takes up less space, which is becoming more and more of a premium these days.

In metropolitan cities, the homes are small-sized; studio apartments or 1 BHK apartments are commonly found. With that we try and find storage space everywhere in the house. Every nook and cranny in every room has a drawer or shelf. But Vastu Shastra warns us against this practice. Vastu Shastra also says that it is imperative that the sofa in a room is large enough to accommodate the inhabitants of the house.

In today's episode of Home Sutra, Acharya P Khurrana tells us about the right size of sofa in our homes and what to watch out for when storing things in the living room.

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