Home Sutra: The Role Number 9 Plays In Our Lives [Video]

Home Sutra: The Role Number 9 Plays In Our Lives [Video]

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Numbers play a crucial role in our lives. While each number has its own significance, number 9 is of utmost importance. This number signifies the presence of substance agni (fire), one of the five substances according to Indian philosophy, in our lives. The number also indicates what kind of impact the Mangal Graha (planet Mars) would have on our lives. While a lack of substance agni could adversely impact the well-being and peace of your family, the Mangal Graha can also have a negative influence on us owning to its negative presence.

According to the science of Vastu, number 9 can help you deal with it effectively. In fact, the coming September 9 could be your chance to get rid of all family-related issue you might be facing. By doing certain remedies of the said date, you will be able to bring back the peace and happiness back in your life.

Noted Vastu expert and astrologer P Khurrana tells you the remedies for the same.

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