Home Sutra: Symbolic Importance Of Glass In Vastu [Video]

Home Sutra: Symbolic Importance Of Glass In Vastu [Video]

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Glass has a unique symbolic importance in Vastu Shastra. It represents relationships in our lives. Every relationship is based on trust and transparency, be it personal or professional. It takes years in building up trust but a moment's carelessness or negligence, however, trivial it may be, will shatter it. Trust and transparency are delicate as glass. And this parallel reflects in how Vastu Shastra depicts glass. 
According to Vastu Shastra, if you dream of broken glass pieces then it means that you may come across or there are chances that you may be involved in an accident. It also says that in practical life if any glass article gets broken by you, it indicates that the people around you are doubtful of your
trustworthiness. They doubt your every action and every move. The breaking of the glass by you may be an accident, but here is the catch if the breaking of the glass is a frequently occurring event then it creates an air of mistrust around you. Your friends start doubting you, even at your workplace your actions are seen with distrust. It also means that someone is known to you or close to you is trying or planning to cause you harm. They are conspiring against you.
In the latest installment in Home Sutra videos, watch renowned Vastu expert Acharya P Khurrana, how you can restore faith in yourself among the people that matter to you the most.

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