Home Sutra: Sun Is A Key Force In Vastu, Here's Why [Video]

Home Sutra: Sun Is A Key Force In Vastu, Here's Why [Video]

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The five elements of nature — earth, water, air, sun and sky — are key to life. These elements represent energy and the balance of these energies leads to good health and prosperity. According to Vastu, a perfect home is one which has all these elements in the right direction and balance.
Out of these the Sun is possibly the strongest influence on our home. Natural light not only saves us money by cutting our power bills it also provides sustenance to life. 
Sunlight signifies growth, development and success in life. If the element of sun is missing from home, it can cause severe health problems such as depression, migraine, headaches and laziness. Sun brings the element of light into our homes which is good not only for our health but also helps in keeping our homes pest free. 
With infrastructural developments and high-rise buildings, some homes do not get enough sunlight due to obstruction from tall structures. This can be rectified by taking simple measures, per Vastu. Vastu expert Acharya P Khurrana tells us how to ensure our homes get the energy of the sun with some easy to follow tips.

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