Home Sutra: Sliding Glass Doors Are Inauspicious [Video]

Home Sutra: Sliding Glass Doors Are Inauspicious [Video]

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Doors solve their primary purpose of allowing entry and exit from a residence. This is true of people as well as cosmic energies, positive as well as negative. Simply put, doors have the potential to allow or obstruct positive energies inside your home. This is why in the ancient tradition of Vastu, a lot of emphasis has been laid on the placement of doors as any defect in this regard might lead to obstruction of positive energies and spreading of negatives forces inside a house. In fact, according to Vatu, sliding glass door, which are common these days, may not be a good idea as far as flow of positive energy is concerned. The simplest way to resolve this Vastu Dosha is to cover the glass door with a curtain. This will fix the problem, allowing positive energies a free access into your home.

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