Home Sutra: Significance Of Salt In Vastu

Home Sutra: Significance Of Salt In Vastu

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A staple ingredient used in the food we consume, salt in Vastu, is used for correcting defects in order to attract wealth and prosperity. It acts as a cleanser which heals all the negative effects caused due to these defects.

Given below are some ways you can use salt to attract positive energies in the house:

*Put some sea salt crystals in a glass or an earthen vessel. Place such vessels in various corners of the house. The crystals will catch all the harmful energies and prevent them from spreading.
*Regularly replace the salt, say within 10 or 15 days, and keep fresh crystals for achieving the desired effect. Do this on a Saturday or Sunday.
*Remember that the salt used for cooking purposes should not be used for this task. Keep them separately closed in a container in the kitchen.
*It is believed that bathing with water mixed with sea or rock salt is beneficial for one’s body and mind.

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