Home Sutra: Relevance Of Swastik In Vastu [Video]

Home Sutra: Relevance Of Swastik In Vastu [Video]

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According to Vastu, there is a great significance of Swastik symbol in our lives. At the time of embarking on an important life event, like grihapravesh, marriage, business or property deal, etc. or any kind of puja we first draw the Swastik symbol. By writing 'Shubh-Labh' we pray for good luck and prosperity in our lives.When we do Navagraha Pooja at home, we make the symbol of Swastik to represent the 'start of life' as it has a direct relation with Lord Ganesha. We also write Swastik on currency notes as well. 

In Hindu tradition, we mark the auspicious sign of Swastik at the entrance of our homes or offices. It is advisable not to make the symbol on the floor, however, and place it either on a sacred plate or on the door using chandan. If we mark it on the wall then it should be at a height of 2.5 ft. to 3 ft. above the floor level.

As per Vastu, the symbol of Swastik also has link with Raahu graha. As we all know Raahu can create misunderstanding, phobia, fear, and disrupt our home or professional lives.

Watch this episode of Home Sutra with renowned astrologer and Vastu expert P Khurrana, to know the significance of Swastik symbol in our lives and how it can rectify any kind of Vastu fault in our homes.

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