Home Sutra: Property Has Structural Flaws? Watch This [Video]

Home Sutra: Property Has Structural Flaws? Watch This [Video]

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Most of the times, we are so busy in arranging the finances for constructing our homes or completing the paperwork for the process that we do not get the time to focus on building aspects. Many of us, for instance, might have built a house where negativity prevails. Without any rhyme or reason, difficulties keep on hitting you and your family. Most of the times, the reason behind this is that your house is not built keeping in mind the rules prescribed by the ancient tradition of Vastu, etc. Now that the harm is done, is demolishing and restricting the house your only option, then? Well, the answer is no. According to our expert P Khuranna, there is a simple remedy to defy structural flaws in your property. Mind you, you do not have to spend any money to do it.

Watch this video in which Khurrana talks at length about the subject.

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