Home Sutra: Open The Window To Happiness

Home Sutra: Open The Window To Happiness

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Even the smallest of the articles can change the energy flow in your house. Windows are one of those articles that can largely influence the energy flowing in your house. According to the Vastu tradition, it is important to correctly place the windows as they bring in light, air and energy into our houses. This is why it is vital to know the rules on correct positioning of windows.

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Vastu experts say that the windows must be placed opposite to the doors for completing the positive cycle. Also, the southwest direction is not recommended for placing windows. Placing windows at north wall towards the northeast side will bring in air and light. Vastu also says that the number of windows in the house should come out to be an even number and not an odd one.

Watch this video to know more about the correct positioning of the windows. In this video, renowned Vastu expert P Khurrana gives tips for window positioning that will channelise positive energy within your home.

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