Home Sutra: Open The Window Of Happiness [Video]

Home Sutra: Open The Window Of Happiness [Video]

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When architects design our homes, a lot of thinking goes into the placement of windows. The prime purpose of windows is to allow light and wind inside our abodes. However, that is not all that windows do. They also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our homes; they add beauty to our homes. But, is there any other purpose that windows solve? The answer is yes. According to Vastu, a scientific study of designing homes, right placement of windows is sure to bring harmony in your life. Vastu says that windows should be built on both the sides of a door. This, say Vastu experts, will complete the positive cycle bringing harmony into your life. Also, ensure that the number of windows on one side of a door matches the other side.  In case there is space only for a single window, go for a square-shaped window.

Watch this episode of Home Sutra to know more about this from our expert P Khurrana.

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