Home Sutra: Light Up The Corners Of Your Home

Home Sutra: Light Up The Corners Of Your Home

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We cannot imagine our lives without light. Whether artificial or natural, light is required for carrying out our daily tasks. The Vastu tradition lays emphasis on having an optimum degree of illumination or lighting in the house to ensure a harmonious flow of positive energies. Absence of light is darkness which has been equated to ignorance, dullness and negativities in life. On the contrary, presence of light is believed to be a symbol of positivity, hope and wisdom. Light influences our subconscious mind, and has the power to awaken dormant energies in the sixteen directions or Mahavastu zones of our homes.

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However, in today's energy-conscious world, we tend to be satisfied by lighting up the centre of the house (usually the hall) to save electricity. But, this might be disadvantageous from Vastu perspective. Improper or inadequate lighting can create imbalances in energies, causing disputes in relationship or affecting clarity of thinking.

So, adopt smart ways for lighting with energy-saving fixtures. And, watch Home Sutra for more Vastu tips from our expert P Khurrana.

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