Home Sutra: Learn To Laugh From Laughing Buddha [Video]

Home Sutra: Learn To Laugh From Laughing Buddha [Video]

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There are so many ways to attract positive energy inside our homes. Vastu says that, among other things, keeping a miniature of the laughing Buddha could bring immense positivity. However, just the placement of the miniature would not solve the whole purpose. For the happy vibes to surround you all over, do smile each time you look at the statue. In short, the main purpose of keeping a laughing Buddha statue in your home is to learn smiling even in unfavourable situations. This practise will reduce your stress levels make your home a more positive place.

As per noted Vastu expert P Khurrana, the ideal place for positioning a laughing Bhuddha statue is either the right or left-hand side of your living space. Avoid placing it in the bedroom, he says.

For more such tips, keep watching Home Sutra videos, where shares ideas that will bring prosperity in your life.

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