Home Sutra: Is Your Sofa Positioned Right? [Video]

Home Sutra: Is Your Sofa Positioned Right? [Video]

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Articles of furniture enhance the aesthetic appeal of your homes. But that is not all that they do; it might interest you to know that their positioning has much to do with the flow of positive energy in your home. This is why where you place you, say, sofa in your drawing room is of utmost important and attention must be paid to sit this grand article of furniture. According to the ancient tradition of Vastu, while positioning your sofa, do make sure that the passage from the entrance of your home to the sofa remains uninterrupted. In case you fail to do so, it may lead to financial problems and loss of money, say Vastu experts.

For more on this, watch this video where out expert P Khurrana talks at length about it.

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