Home Sutra: Is Your Kitchen Vastu-Compliant? [Video]

Home Sutra: Is Your Kitchen Vastu-Compliant? [Video]

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The key focus of Vastu, an ancient Indian way of designing homes, is towards capturing positive energies inside of abodes. And, when it comes to designing kitchens, the place from where comes the fuel for running human life, Vastu gives special attention to the subject. According to experts, in case your kitchen is designed in a way that violates the norm of Vastu, this can lead to various health ailments such as migraine and headache. However, there is no need to worry. You do not have to demolish the kitchen and build it all over again to correct things. There is a simple solution available for this in Vastu. According to our expert P Khurrana. light an oil lamp and place it near the stove. This will eliminate all the ill effects created due to the bad structuring of the kitchen.

To know more about this, watch this vedio in which Khurrana talks at length about the subject.

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