Home Sutra: How To Use Mirrors For Decoration [Video]

Home Sutra: How To Use Mirrors For Decoration [Video]

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Mirrors are an integral part of home decoration and can be used in different part of houses for giving a spacious look to your room. With so many shapes and sizes available, even the interior decorators find it tough to choose the optimal type of mirror for different kind of corners, walls and tables. But there are certain things one should keep in mind while using mirrors for decoration. You might want to place the mirror at a place in the room where you feel it reflects light, or is a convenient spot for you to catch your reflection. However, before hanging a mirror on that wall, be sure it is not going to bring you misfortune. As per Vastu Shastra it is important that a mirror is placed in the right spot in a room or else it can prove to be disastrous not only for the residents of the house but also their guests.

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