Home Sutra: How To Make Your New Abode A Lucky One [Video]

Home Sutra: How To Make Your New Abode A Lucky One [Video]

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Shifting to a new home is an exciting yet challenging and experience. It is but natural to look forward to happy beginnings, a fresh start and an opportunity to let go of all that was unpleasant and unwanted. While we all plan about the furnishing and home décor for our new dwelling, believers of Vastu also know the importance of performing certain rituals to ensure attainment of peace, happiness, success and prosperity in the new residence.

Talking specifically about Griha Pravesh or a house-warming ceremony, the Hindu tradition promotes the idea of performing puja before entering a new house to please the gods. The concept behind this practice is to ensure the first entry into the house at an auspicious moment. In addition to this, there are several other prescribed practices such as keeping holy water in a corner to invoke positive energies and placing the Swastik symbol for wealth and prosperity.

Like people, we all link memories with our old homes. We desire to preserve the energies of all positive events that took place in our previous residences. So, if your former residence has been lucky for you and wish to bring the same aura to your new home, watch the video to know the trick from our expert P Khurrana.

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