Home Sutra: How To Better Connect With Your Deity [Video]

Home Sutra: How To Better Connect With Your Deity [Video]

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Most of us like to pray at least once daily. We also have small areas where we try and build a small temple or shrine, keeping an idol or a photograph or other totems. But are you sure that the place where you are praying is the right spot in your home or office? Could you gain more by praying somewhere else? Vastu says the place and way of worship does determine the outcome of your prayers. While, it is all about one's faith it is also important to follow rituals in a correct manner. Each prayer and deity has its own significance. This can sometimes change on a day-to-day basis. What does all this have to do with your well being? And how can you use Vastu to ensure maximum benefit of your prayers?

Watch this video in which noted astrologer and Vastu expert Acharya P Khurrana talks about some simple tips that would help you connect with your God better.

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